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ncreasing Team Productivity

It is being predicted that more and more companies will be hiring people to work remotely in the 2020’s and beyond.  Why?  Environmental issues are predicted to reduce the number of vehicles in a family to 1, and why not leave that in the driveway. Furthermore, the company encouraging this is believed to be displaying corporate responsibility.  Real-estate cost savings is another predicted plus for companies.  The opportunity to recruit the best talent…world-wide.  Less distraction and more focus.  Life-work balance meaning less stress and better health (and productivity).  More jobs accessible to those workers requiring accessibility.  These are but a few reasons, and although we probably won’t see an immediate, radical change to remote working, this is what is predicted.


So, how does a company hold a team together when this is the case?  How do we know the worker isn’t slacking off while in the comfort of their own home office?  How do we ensure the work gets done when the employees aren’t collaborating face-to-face?  How do we guarantee there is no break-down in communication that can have a project rapidly spiral downwards?  How do we build a team that is strong when we don’t see employees interacting?  All good, viable questions.


When a company takes the time to hire exceptional employees, ones that are passionate about their work, the employer can rest assured that employee is actually working much more productively than when in the office.  This is because there are less distractions, and less time taken to “make it look like” they’re working.  When measurable objectives are in place, it’s very easy to ensure the work is getting done.  When projects are tracked properly, it’s quite obvious when there is a break-down in communication, and it can be nipped in the bud before a catastrophe occurs.  Building a team that is strong takes only the effort to provide team-building opportunities at a remote location.


You might want to start building your plan to have employees work remotely, and when looking to deal with the communication, collaboration, and productivity issues, contact us.  We’ll help you recruit, build, and retain exceptional employees while lowering your costs of hiring.

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