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I’ve had a number of clients ask me to help them with social media in their job search.  Some think they only have to have LinkedIn and companies will come looking for them.  They then ask me to help them make sure their LinkedIn account is a good one.  Others think they can message potential employers and get appointments for information interviews and/or other meetings or answers to questions.  I was first introduced to LinkedIn when it was still in its infancy, back in around 2003. I was on a flight to Switzerland for business meetings and plant tours, sitting beside a Swiss person who worked for DHL.  They told me I just HAD to get on LinkedIn and sent me a connection request.  This prompted me to open a LinkedIn account, and when I discovered it gave me an opportunity to add all the contacts in my database, I declined that option.  I realized, rather quickly, that this person had wanted access to my Swiss contacts, who were at high management levels.  I’m a bit old school in sharing contact information of anyone I know, both personal and professional.  Ethical business protocol requires you have permission to share before sharing.  I opened the LinkedIn account, but I didn’t add this person as a connection.


So, here is my perspective on social media.  First of all, use it!  The more opportunities to connect and network with companies, and people in them, the better.  Many companies have staff that troll social media for recruiting, and screening, purposes.  I know of people who were contacted as they appeared to be a fit for a position and that began the recruitment process.  I have also heard of instances where a job offer was rescinded due to inappropriate content on one, or many, social media platforms.  The bottom line is there is no one way to get a job.  Rather, there are several, and the more you utilize, the better the chances of you getting work.  I say yes to LinkedIn, yes to Facebook, yes to submitting resumes, yes to attending networking events, yes to letting everyone know you are on the market.  I also highly recommend you inform them of what it is you would love to work at.


For tips on social media, including proper etiquette, click here.


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