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In 2005 I conducted several information interviews with executive search agencies and was offered a position with 3 of them.  I learned much about how this industry operates, and when asked by clients if they should seek out an agency and provide them with their resume, it was an opportunity for me to educate that client.  Of course, I wanted to know why the client wanted to choose this route.  Often the client was somewhat of an introvert, and they didn’t feel comfortable approaching strangers.  They thought maybe they could just provide their resume to the recruiter, then sit back and wait for a call.  Unfortunately, for some people, looking for a job requires a great deal of action.  As one of my mentors once told me, - if you want to catch a bus to go somewhere, and you sit at home on your couch, you won’t likely catch the bus.  If you stand in front of your house, perhaps the bus will stop when they see you, but chances are slim.  The best chance at catching a bus is to get yourself to a bus stop. – In my experience, action begets action.  If you want to get a job, you need to put some effort into the job search.  If you want to get a position you would love, you need to put a great deal of effort in.


This effort begins with self reflection to determine the gifts you would enjoy applying to a position.  You must then research where you would love to work.  If you choose to submit documents, the creation of your resume can take several hours if you’re committed to doing it properly.  The full process is extensive and requires dedication and persistence.  The benefit is that you land yourself in a position that feels more like play than work.  I recommend you consider participating in our Cutting Edge “Design The Job You Love” Suite, where information on when, and how, to use executive search firm recruiters is addressed.  After all, who is able to sell you better than you can sell yourself?  No one. 


If you would like some facts about recruiters of executive search firms, click here.


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