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Very few people have had the luxury of avoiding loss.  Maybe some have yet to lose a loved one, others perhaps the loss of a job.  Usually, however, most have experienced at least one loss in their life.  The thing is, and what most don’t recognize, is that loss is loss, and the stages of loss and the emotions that riddle each stage, happen with loss of a loved one or the loss of a job.  Yes, if you’re least expecting it and you lose your job, you will probably experience denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and, thankfully, acceptance.  The other thing is, these stages are not necessarily linear, so the emotions associated with them may not exhibit themselves in this particular order.  For instance, in my experience in outplacement situations where the employee has just been informed they no longer have a position with that company, “and we’ve arranged for you to work with a company that can help you get another job”, the first emotion I’ve witnessed is anger.  The employee often feels they’ve spent their entire career helping that company succeed only to be let go, just like that.  They need to be heard, and so, I just listen.


I listen, that is, for a period of time that we’ve both agreed to for them to vent.  Then comes the most exciting time…a time to discover all the opportunities that are ahead for this employee.  Sometimes we get so caught up in just doing our job that we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to dream about how things could be.  What we would enjoy doing if given the chance.  I don’t mean to negate the worry that accompanies job loss.  Naturally we all think about our commitments, our abilities, even our age when we lose a job.  That is actually a very intelligent step in moving forward, as it forces us to really consider our situation and all of the options that are available to us.  Perhaps this is the most important reason to seek the counsel of a person who can work with you and advise you on options, as well as highlight your personal gifts that you can take to a new position.  One that you actually love.


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