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ncreasing Team Productivity

When was the last time you were happy in your work environment?  I’m talking about walking around the office with a bounce in your step, a positive outlook on the day, a smile on your face, a compliment to a colleague, a laugh about a situation.  Can you remember the last time?


What’s stopping you from being happy at work?  Do you have a supervisor who frowns upon laughter in the workplace?  Is the atmosphere at work one of a toxic environment?  Are you depressed?  Not feeling challenged?  Lacking the reward that motivates you to action?  Are you not getting the results you anticipated from your efforts?  Whatever it is, it’s high time you understand the importance of happiness, not only in your work and workplace, in life overall.  It’s just one of those factors that affects the level of productivity on a team, and when lacking, it costs the company you work for money.  This cost reveals itself, among other things, in poor performance, accumulation of sick days, contagious negativity, and can lead to increased attrition, as unhappy employees plan to leave, and increased costs of hiring to replace an employee.


Happiness is a choice.  You may not believe that, but like many things in life, it is a choice.  Now I’m not talking about depression, which can be the symptom of a number of things.  I’m talking about a mindset where you can look at a situation and see the positive in it, or the negative.  The humour, or the despair.  Which do you choose, and do you choose this consistently?


Choices are habits, and habits we can control.  We have to choose to choose, and even though it isn’t always easy, the more you choose happiness, the more often you will be happy.  When was the last time you were happy in your work environment?  Choose to change that habit.  Need help?  Contact us.

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