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The first experience I had in regards to the importance of continuously learning was back in the mid ‘80’s.  Before this I used to think learning ended with the completion for a degree.  That said, I also realized that I had been continuously learning ever since I finished school!  In the later years I learned that being challenged, or continuously learning was actually one of my top 2 motivators, and whenever I was in a working position that didn’t provide challenge or learning, I didn’t last very long.  Continuous learning in 2019 is much more important and this is because of the speed at which technology has the world changing.  Particularly the world of work.


In most companies gone are the days where an employee simply gets up, eats, gets to work, and begins to do the same monotonous tasks day after day after day.  Employers today want to hire innovators, people who are creative, and who are not afraid to speak up with ideas that could propel company profits, and contribute to the longevity of the company.  There are few industries that technology hasn’t pushed toward the necessity of continuous learning.  Accountants are expected to provide creative alternatives to their clients.  Doctors are required to have awareness of the most up-to-date testing equipment and pharmaceuticals available to their patients.  Construction personnel need to be up to date on the latest safety standards, not only for buildings, but also for their staff, who also need to be aware of the latest safest tools and how to use them.  So rare is an industry that doesn’t need to be continuously learning, you need only look to the manufacturing companies who have turned to artificial intelligence for the rote, monotonous work, and hire highly educated people who are creative and innovative and will take their company to the highest efficiency level possible…for 2019…because what is possible next year will be even more exciting.


If you would like 5 ideas on how to keep your employees continuously learning, click here.


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