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ncreasing Team Productivity

Are you feeling “stuck” in your job?  With the start of a new year are you “itching” to do something new?  What’s holding you back?  Fear?  Money?  Comfort?  I urge you to take a step back and really think about what it is you would really love to do.  Is it your natural behavioural style or motivator that’s stopping you from dreaming?  It’s good to recognize that, and even better that you realize we can all step outside our comfort zone for a few moments at a time without it being too stressful.  We actually do it all the time.


It’s also important to understand that in a city ravaged with layoffs, your morale may be under attack.  We hear it on the news, people talk to you about it all the time.  It’s pretty difficult to ignore the fact that so many have lost their jobs, and even more difficult to be brave enough to give one up for ultimate happiness.  What happens, though, when you don’t.  When you just prod along, do the work, go home, and fall back into bad habits that, were you happy with what you spent 8 hours a day, 5 days a week doing, you’d probably give up…maybe even without realizing you’ve given those bad habits up.


When it hurts to get out of bed, when you find yourself “grumpy” at work and taking it out on your colleagues, when you’ve had about all you can take from the “so-called” leader of your team, when it’s affecting your sleep, your eating, your weight, and ultimately, your health, isn’t it time to reach out and have an assessment of your situation done?  Uncover the dream and discover the happiness you’ve been missing.  Contact us and let’s talk about you and where you’d like to go!  Don’t wait!  2020 is ticking away.

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