Woodruff and Colleagues

ncreasing Team Productivity

I met Julie through a Mentorship program at the University of Calgary, and found her to be instantly interested, courteous, and professional. Julie is a ray of sunshine in the professional world and has a very calming effect on those around her, making conversation and planning easy. My experience was incredibly positive because Julie helped me to make meaningful connections and expand my network and facilitated evaluation of my personal traits via an online program. Julie has a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and, most importantly, experience with respect to growing your professional network, helping individuals and teams work better together, and creating a positive, professional, and cohesive employment environment. It was a pleasure learning from Julie and developing insights into my own personality and working preferences.

Beth Barretto



Julie Brown was fantastic to work with! I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Julie at the University of Calgary through the Graduate Student Association's mentorship program. Julie provided guidance and leadership to the program and acted as a resource for the participants, among other things. During my time with the program, I was undergoing a large transition with career and school to which Julie was instrumental in providing advice, wisdom and thoughtful counselling as to how I should transition. Julie is patient, kind and extremely well-spoken in her interactions and appointments. Having someone with her career experience and ability to provide attention and consideration to the many interactive components that were impacting my decisions was extremely beneficial. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with her and learn from her breadth of experience through my time at U of C.

Kathryn Wytsma-Fisher, MKin, CSEP-CEP



It has been almost a decade since Julie coached me. She has changed my life in profound ways and I still apply many of the things I learned from her. When we met I was unemployed for the first time in my life, had just moved across the pond from Europe and doubted that I would ever find a job. Well, my self pity was kicked to the curb quickly. Julie's passion and enthusiasm for coaching and career development are like a double espresso in the morning :-) It was so much fun to discover who I am, what my values, beliefs and strengths are and how to bring all this across in arésumé or cover letter with Julie. Julie started with why long before Simon Sinek made the concept popular. What I learned from her has stayed with me ever since and helped me to find fulfilling jobs.

One of the key principles that I picked up from Julie and that guides my life today is to bring value to others. My work is very important to me and a big chunk of my lifetime is spent at work. I want this time to be meaningful and fulfilling. For me, that means that I keep learning and developing in my role and I am able to contribute fresh ideas and energy to an organization. If not, then it's time to move on to find a better fit for myself and to allow someone else to thrive in the role that I have outgrown. Another habit that will stay with me for life are informational interviews. As a former journalist I am always curious about other people's stories so it is great fun for me to interview others who work in the role that I aspire to and learn from their experience and expertise. In my role as people manager I often recommend it to colleagues who want to develop into a different role. 

They say that we are who we spend time with. I am really glad I got to spend time with Julie whilst living in Calgary. I am deeply grateful for all I have learned from her and blessed to call her a friend now. She is one of the most positive, down to earth and fun people I know and walks her own talk. There is nobody else I would turn to for career advice.

Kristin Marquardt