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Are issues with your team keeping you awake at night?  Is there a lot of miscommunication and conflict amongst the team members?  Do you find yourself thinking “I’m tired of these narcissistic “generational” [superlative]s wanting their birthday off, premature raises, more holiday time, and expecting to be promoted within weeks!”?






What if you had a way to dramatically increase productivity, improve communication, and build a solid team that’s committed to your company?  Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the turnover rate, spend less time and money on hiring and increase your profit?


Make Mondays Great

Diverse, happy team of coworkers


Diverse, excited team of coworkers

The Ultimate Team
Productivity Program

is designed specifically for teams experiencing low productivity due to behavior and communication problems, conflict and toxic environments, interpersonal rivalry, ineffective relationships, lack of motivation, and unethical behavior. 


At the conclusion of 4 exciting, interactive, modules your team will perform more productively, demonstrate an increase in creativity, and display a strong sense of commitment and accountability.  Your customers will be much more satisfied, ultimately affecting your bottom line in a very positive way!



Module 1:

Jumpstart Productivity

Turn any work environment into an interactive, productive, collaborative atmosphere.


Eliminate an unhealthy workplace that occurs when you, and the members of your team, do not value each other and the talents each member brings to the table.


Module 2:

Communication Breakthrough

Keep your employees engaged and loyal with powerful communication.


Decrease attrition that occurs when you, and the members of your team, do not understand how to communicate with each other and feel unappreciated in the workplace.


Module 3:

Interaction Amplifier

Improve and retain team relationships, increase and retain customer satisfaction.


Stop losing customers over complaints that occur when the members of your team neglect to display social awareness and positive relationship management.


Module 4:

Lifestyle Overhaul

Boost your team’s energy, motivation, and ethical behaviour.


Discourage behaviours that occur from unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyles, and affect the character of your company.



Because we recognize that for our brain to master new skills, it needs repetition and practice, we’ve included the following


BONUS Module:

New Habits Accelerator

Cultivating and preserving your now healthy, happy, loyal, engaged, valued team.


Continuously improve your team’s productivity by establishing steps for maintaining and nurturing your new-found habits.



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