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Are you feeling a bit sick to your stomach about having to let someone go?  Are visions of your out-of-work employee and their family keeping you awake at night?  Do you feel that the cost of outplacement is beyond the reach of your company?  Do you believe it is your corporate responsibility to provide outplacement services with your severance package?



Wouldn’t it be wonderful to offer your severed employee an outplacement package that would lead to success in the job hunt?  How great would it be for your team to know that the company cares enough to offer outplacement services when needed? Isn’t it easier to sleep at night knowing your company cares enough about their employees to provide them with outplacement services that help them get work they will enjoy?


Make Mondays Great


The Step-by-Step Transitioning Jump Start

is designed for companies with a conscience.  These are companies that take responsibility by providing a solution to the employees they have no choice but to let go.  Not just any solution, but one that will quickly lead that employee to work they will love.  From the moment your employee is informed of the difficult position you find yourself in, Woodruff and Colleagues will be there to listen to that employee, their concerns, their fears, and turn their situation to one of brainstorming future opportunities.

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From the very first point of contact, Step 1, your employee will feel heard and supported.  They will leave that session feeling excited about what lies ahead of them.  They will enter the 4 steps that follow with renewed energy, ready to learn the following: the methodology and skills for identifying their ideal job; how to prepare extremely effective documents to secure appointments; proactively search, identify, and communicate with potential employers; and how to participate in highly engaging interviews with confidence.



Your employee will be exposed to the following Steps in the

Step-by-Step Transitioning Jump Start



Step 1:

Preservation Revived

Quickly overcome the devastation of loss as your story falls on the ears of an empathic supporter who will reveal the seeds of opportunities that lie ahead.


Rid yourself of the fear that comes with every loss by acknowledging and releasing your anger, followed by a session of rediscovery, hope, and proactive planning.


Step 2:

Talents Re-visited

Unique methods to reopen your mind to your personal strengths and the positions that call for your distinctive gifts.


Re-enlighten job possibilities that will allow you to rapidly overcome your current situation and transform it into an energizing situation of what lies ahead.


Step 3:

Opportunities Re-examined

Be reminded of how you have the capability to respond effectively to job postings and generate the paperwork that will significantly increase your opportunities for an interview.


Return to the understanding of how to critically read job postings and recreate application documents that will powerfully communicate your fit to that position.


Step 4:

Acquaintances Re-considered

Take back control of your life by being the conductor of your job search and eliminate the possibilities of a job mis-fit by expertly presenting yourself to potential employers YOU have chosen to consider.


Get back into the driver’s seat as you lead your employment adventure, gathering research on companies that arouse your curiosity and evoke stimulating conversations with potential managers, where you demonstrate how your work ethics align with them and their customers.


Step 5:

Communication Re-generated

Turn down the volume of anxiety over an interview and turn up the volume to excitement by arming yourself with preparation tips and convincing answers to the most difficult of questions.


Re-invigorate enthusiasm for formal job interviews, arming yourself with a thorough comprehension of the implication behind interview questions, the 3-step formula for succinctly responding, developing questions for the interviewer, and expectations for next steps.



Because we’re confident that, after completion of the Step-by-Step Transitioning Jump Start, you are going to receive offers we’ve added a



Compensation Re-newed

Increase your probabilities of receiving the compensation you are deserved with knowledge of how to translate your past experience and profitably negotiate a job offer.


Restore your spot at the bargaining table equipped with the options available for consideration in order to get an offer you feel is justified.



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