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Are you finding it more and more difficult to get up out of bed to go to work?  Are you wishing you could phone in sick more often?  When you do get up and go in are you feeling stagnant, with nothing that excites you?  Do you find yourself thinking “There must be a better way!”?






What if there IS a better way?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel like you’re playing in your playground instead of working in your workplace?!  Imagine waking up excited about what lies ahead of you today.  What if you had your dream job and the dream salary to go with it?  Wouldn’t it feel great to be supervised by a person who values and trusts you, be surrounded by people whose company you enjoy, and work in an uplifting environment?


Make Mondays Great

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The Cutting Edge “Design The Job You Love” Suite

is designed for individuals experiencing low motivation for their current job, low energy for their current work environment, and a high desire for bringing joy, excitement, adventure, and more money into their lives.


After just 4 “hands-on” learning sessions, you will have learned the methodology and skills for identifying your ideal job, preparing highly effective documents to secure appointments, proactively searching, identifying, and communicating with potential employers, and participating in highly engaging interviews with confidence. 



Session 1:

Imagination Expansion

Unique methods to open your mind to your personal strengths and the positions that call for your distinctive gifts.


Illuminate job possibilities that will allow you to transform your current situation of work into an energizing situation of what seems like play.  And get paid for it!


Session 2:

Inspiration Trigger

Understand how to respond effectively to job postings and generate the paperwork that will significantly increase your opportunities for an interview.


Learn how to critically read job postings and create application documents that will powerfully communicate your fit to that position.


Session 3:

Directing Transformative Interactions

Take control of your job search and eliminate the possibilities of a job mis-fit by expertly presenting yourself to potential employers YOU have chosen to consider.


Be the driver of your employment adventure as you learn how to research companies that arouse your curiosity, evoke stimulating conversations with potential managers, and demonstrate how your work ethics align with them and their customers.


Session 4:

Persuasive Auditioning

Turn any anxiety over an interview into excitement by arming yourself with preparation tips and convincing answers to the most difficult of questions.


Eliminate pre-interview jitters with a thorough comprehension of the implication behind interview questions, the 3-step formula for succinctly responding, developing questions for the interviewer, and expectations for next steps.



Because we’re confident that, after completion of the Cutting Edge “Design The Job You Love Suite, you are going to receive offers, we’ve added a


BONUS Session:

Competent Proposal Navigation

Increase your probabilities of receiving your ideal compensation with knowledge of how to accurately determine your worth and profitably negotiate a job offer.


Arrive at the bargaining table equipped with the necessary knowledge of your wants and needs, and the options available for consideration in order to get everything you deserve.



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