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We work with your team to improve communication, encourage respectful relationships, and promote a healthy work environment. Your team members will be engaged, fulfilled, feel valued, and want to stay with your company reducing your hiring costs.




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We do this through facilitating development sessions that have your members increasing their:













Meet Our Team



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Ruth Woodruff

BA, English, B.Ed


I am a highly experienced Communications instructor in the field of Literacy and Adult Education. I work with a wide range of professionally oriented adults from the trade and business sectors who are struggling with weak communication skills that need improvement.  Specifically, I focus on strategies to improve sentence structure,  punctuation and grammar that are critical to produce high quality business communications.


My instructional approach is to work one-on-one to analyze your weaknesses, explain what you need to know and guide you toward working independently. As an aid to my instruction, I have developed over fifty instructional videos dedicated to teaching critical strategies to individuals who find writing a challenge. My teaching approach evolved by working with college students at both Sheridan and George Brown College (from 1993-2010) where I designed and coordinated a start-up adult continuing education program in Communication Skills.

In sum, as a dedicated and certified English teacher, my motto is “Write Better, Look Smarter.”


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Susan Woodruff

BA, Labour Relations, M.Ed. Organizational Development


With more than 30 years of Human Resources background, half of which were with large corporations, I have experienced business with a view of the big picture.  Success in these corporations was realized through strategic labour relations management.  In addition to working with large corporations, I have assisted small sole proprietorship companies grow successfully by significantly increasing sales, revenue and profitability. Identifying opportunities and implementing strategies through policies and procedures have taken these companies from owning a job to owning a business.


My passion is observing current business situations and identifying the areas that need to be transformed in order to help businesses successfully and sustainably grow to next level.


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Julie Brown

BA, Psych, CDP


For over 30 years, I have worked with a wide variety of clients offering individual career advice, coaching, and mentorship.  Through personal feedback, the majority of these clients report they appreciate my ability to build rapport, identify needs, provide guidance, and collaborate on the creation of action plans. 


Working both with individuals and groups from Canada, USA, Asia, South America, Europe, and India, I have facilitated information sessions on a wide range of career and personal development topics


The costs of low productivity, attrition, disengaged employees, toxic work environments, miscommunication, and any other team/employee-related distress are exorbitant. Whether you are looking to improve team productivity, a career professional looking to transition, or a company wishing to include outplacement in your severance package, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to reduce these costs and improve your profit.


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